Meet Andi. That's me! These bio things are generally supposed to be all pretentious and third-person-y, but I'm frankly tired of doing what I'm "supposed" to.

"Artist" is a good summary for what-all I'm up to. I've also been referred to as "The girl who makes everything for everyone," I suppose that works too. I am inspired by color, texture, anomalys and nature. I like sparkly things, flamingos, slubby silks and obnoxious shades of pink, orange and turquoise. I love antiques, fringe, beads and fossils. I can bake like a mofo, I have a garden, I long for an Aistream trailer to call my own, and the only shoes I wear are Converse. I love music - all of it. There is always a book in my hand. I'm silly and sarcastic, a cynical optimist. There are so many things that have inspired and shaped who I am, and I hope that I can pay it forward by being myself -- awesomely.

Here's the thing -- life is complicated. It gets messy. Things get muddled. I've spent YEARS trying to get this website thing right, stay organized, not piss anyone off or turn away clients, keep my opinions to myself...and all I got was a bunch of BS in return. I'm done with doing things the "right" way.

I do a LOT of stuff. On this website you will find evidence of whatever artist-y things I'm up to that can be publicly shared. I do a lot of work that "normal" people roll their eyes at and dismiss as 'not work,' that grandmas would turn in their graves over...and that's part of the appeal of working with me. I am happy to make the creative dreams of everyone come true -- not just the suits and ties and grandmas. Bring me your weirdos and freaks, your silliness and fun, your cranky and jaded...we will make something amazing!

My life is an adventure. If that turns people off, oh well. I have followed my own path since I grew legs, and I've learned from growing up in a small town that people WILL judge you based on almost no criteria. It's unfortunate, but I've managed to thrive in a world that wasn't made for me to fit into. Enjoy the art! <3

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