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As if there wasn't enough talent packed into this brilliant mind, I'm a photographer, too. I was forced into photography as part of the graphic design curriculum in college. I didn't know a damned thing about photography, darkrooms, cameras [or how to load cameras] when I got started. I wasted a lot of film. I took a lot of really terrible pictures.

Eventually, I discovered that if I was taking portraits of people just being themselves, my pictures were awesome. So that's what I do. There is something amazingly beautiful about people just being...well...who they are! It's magic.

I've had my work shown all over the place, published here and there and sold to people all over the world. All of that is pretty cool, but none of it is what motivates me to pick up a camera. I do it to make art. To see things in a different way, and share it with the world.

I'm not keeping a portfolio on this site at this current time. I am not for hire as a photographer unless you have a really great bribe prepared. Check out the links to my portfolios elsewhere to see some of what I do.

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