The Strung-Out Story...
I've always made some kind of jewelry or another. I love all of the colors, shapes, textures and possibility of...beads! Once upon a time back in late 2003, I became inspired by garbage. My little brother was in a band, and somebody had just changed their guitar strings. I spotted them gleaming in the trash, and had a moment of epiphany that turned into a pile of colorful beaded bracelets.

That pile of bracelets grew. As they found homes, my bead collection grew. As I learned how to work with guitar strings without stabbing myself, my product line grew and Strung-Out flourished! I started selling on Etsy in 2005. Since then, I've made jewelry for rockstars, bridal parties and other fabulous folks. My affection for funky glass beads has evolved into a passion for rocks and gemstones. I've learned so many new skills just by pulling some stuff out of the trash!

If you would like to donate guitar strings, please do! I will gladly trade product for your strings! If you would like to discuss fundraising, wholesale options, or put together a custom order, please contact me through my Etsy shop.

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